James Trevascus

Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

James Trevascus Bakewell Audio

Hello! I'm James, a producer and engineer from Bristol, UK.

I've worked in music for over 10 years and have spent a lot of time in the score/soundtrack, alternative and heavy music worlds.

I'm based in Bristol, but can work on a remote basis either at my personal studio, or at any other studio in the UK.

Please click to hear some of my recent work, which includes:

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Clint Mansell, Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury, Foreign Affairs, Billy Nomates, Black Flies, PJ Harvey, Slate + Ash, Mom Jeans, Just Friends, Graduating Life, The Goon Sax, Tim Hecker, Sapphire Blues, Agata, Blanck Mass and more!

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